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Brad Pitt as Max Vatan
Lizzy Caplan as Bridget Vatan
Marion Cotillard as Marianne Beauséjour
Matthew Goode as Guy Sangster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6 / 10

A wartime romance that could have been epic, but didn't quite make it

'Allied' has garnered a mixed reaction, on IMDb and with critics in general. This is completely understandable, and the mixed reaction and the reasoning for it mirrors my own feelings for the film. 'Allied' is not a bad film, but from seeing the trailers (which strongly suggested a film that would be more epic, more moving and more thrilling) to be honest was expecting a lot more.

There is a lot to like about 'Allied'. Visually, it is a gorgeous film. The cinematography is rich in atmosphere and colour and is quite poetic too, while the sets, scenery and costumes are evocative and eye-catching. The music by Alan Silvestri is neither too intrusive or too low-key, instead stirring when it needs to be and understated again when needed. There are some thrilling and harrowing moments as well as some poignant ones in the more intimate scenes, personally thought the controversial ending was quite emotional but can definitely see why it won't work for some.

Marion Cotillard gives a nuanced and deeply felt turn, nothing short of sensational. Brad Pitt's performance has been criticised (as well as defended), to me it was appropriately stoic, despite his character being nowhere near as meaty as Cotillard's, and he was a worthy partner for Cotillard, a little cold in places but mostly fiery. The supporting cast are fine.

On the other hand, the script and pacing are uneven. The script is 'Allied's' biggest flaw, lacking plausibility in places, especially in the mission scenes, having too much padding that's overlong and adds little to nothing and some of the parts intended to be emotional laid it on too thick with the treacle and sentimentality. Much more could have been done with the psychological subtext, which would have made Pitt's character more interesting and given the story more consistent suspense and thrills.

Pacing does drag badly frequently, primarily due to having superfluous scenes that lacked momentum and went on too long and also due to Robert Zemeckis' quite disappointing direction. There are moments, but it is a case of getting the job done but in a workmanlike and tame fashion, not the thrills and cleverness one expects from Zemeckis that is present in the best of his work.

In summary, had potential to be epic as a wartime romance, but doesn't quite make it. Many great things, but a few big things that got in the way of fulfilling full potential. 6/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by bulldog_64501 5 / 10

Cliché and underdeveloped

There was no plot twist although there were several places for a plot twist. If you saw the trailer, you saw the movie. Also, the break from the period setting to give modern values with no point. The introduction of a sister to Brad Pitt's character, who is openly a lesbian. This would NEVER happen in the 1940s as homosexuality was against the law and they were greatly disdained by the public. It is a completely pointless distraction from the period setting. Another goof, German Army officers wearing Nazi armbands. I was beginning to think Quinton Tarantino made this movie. Another example of how Hollywood cannot make a period movie without sabotaging their own production.

Reviewed by Lawrence O'Neill 2 / 10

Movie by numbers

This movie has it's entertaining moments but is generally pretty bad. Totally lacking any tension the scenes are predictable and don't connect well to each other. The script is awful, almost laughable. The stereotypical British characters are embarrassing in a 4 weddings + funeral kinda way. The lesbian couple are pointless and seem to be thrown in there for PC reasons. Why does Brad Pitt turn into a mannequin every time he is introduced to people? The plot is full of holes...why did the German officer rush off to make a phone call instead of arresting Max Vatan?...why would 2 dynamic and ruthless killers be allowed to lounge around London for a couple of years? Surely they could have been useful in North Africa or Italy!...How was Beausejour allowed enter Britain, only for the British to later discover she was dead? So much for their Gibraltar station!...why, upon discovery, was she not used as a double agent, bearing in mind it was 2 months before D- Day? Now that could have been interesting!

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