Alone in Berlin


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 47%
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Daniel Brühl as Escherich
Emma Thompson as Anna Quangel
Brendan Gleeson as Otto Quangel
Mikael Persbrandt as SS Officer Prall
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ArchAngel Michael 7 / 10

Great acting

Spoilers Ahead:

If you go into this movie expecting Anthropoid, you will be greatly disappointed. Be warned, it is a very small quiet movie about a German couple whose beloved son is killed at the start of the movie. Gleeson, and, above all, Emma Thompson's gifts as actors carry the movie. The best scene is where Anna receives the fateful telegram. Thompson's best scene, she really impressed me here. Her movies tend to be out of the genres that I watch (Romance), she is a skilled actress. The couple's devastation is largely wordless; their lives are shattered. Otto is the one who decides to strike back against the government that killed his son. Anna, at first, is quite shocked but she warms to the plan. They begin leaving cards of denunciation all around their area; soon, the Gestapo is charting the cards' location and the noose begins closing. What I like about is how understated and against your typical script the movie is. First, the couple has an unhappy marriage; there are quiet moments of recrimination, some bitter words, and, they largely keep their distance from each other. In contrast to In The Bedroom, as the movie plays, their rebellion pulls them back together again. They both know the end of this story, as we do as well. Second, the life shattering grief is so well done: a carved wooden bust of their son's face, Anna holds it close to her silently weeping.

Second: the violence and torture are all off screen. When Otto is captured, we see his head running with blood. Unlike Anthropoid, there is no gruesome on screen violence. I gave Anthropoid a 9, I adore the movie. This director made all the opposite choices about how he wanted to render the tragedy. The movie is like a noose tightening about their necks. This sense of foreboding haunts both of them: near misses, close calls, narrow escapes but, we the viewers, know what is coming. There are a few scenes of a Jewish elderly lady, who is being hidden by other kind people, but, she is a reflection of the main story, her luck runs out. When they come, she makes the wise brave decision. You will see the dreadful power of the SS: when the Gestapo man tries to tell them they arrested the wrong man, watch what happens. This pressure is captured in my favorite scene, the SS proffer Gestapo boy a shot glass, as they standing over bleeding Otto. When they finish drinking, they throw the glasses into Otto's head full force. The Gestapo man has guilt for not saving Anna, he hesitates, watch the baleful glares he receives from the SS. The glares say,"You are next if you don't do likewise."

Yes, the detractors are correct, it is a relatively slow study of how grief makes these ordinary German working people become the most unlikely of rebels. I gave it a seven for the writing and the excellent performances of Thompson and Gleeson. I liked Gleeson's Otto but I was much more impressed with Thompson's Anna. She speaks very little, she has to use her expressive eyes and body language. SPOILER: I love when they are facing the phony show trial, also not shown, and she grasps Otto's hand. Otto says,"You know what is going to happen don't you?" Anna squeezes his hand,"It doesn't matter." She puts such love in her eyes, Otto loses much of his apprehension. This is the motif: Their love for their dead son was expressed by actions that destroyed them. They gave their lives trying to save other peoples' sons. I admired the movie for the message: Everyone can make a difference; they suffered the same fate as more violent rebels like Flame and Citron. Yet, their rebellion was just as brave. If you asked me the lesson of Alone In Berlin, I would say: "We are all alone, within our societies, but we can fight for Right in the way to which we were best gifted by God."

We all must die, they showed the world how to die well. They gave their beloved dead son the best gift you could ever give another. They saved others by laying down their lives. I really liked this movie, yes, it is slow, but has a great beauty about it: Leave Some Cards Behind You. Deus Vobiscum, IMDb. Q.E.D.

Reviewed by Adrian Callan 7 / 10

A harsh reminder of how quickly evil can spread

There is really very little you can criticize about a story when the story is true. The adaptation for the screen can come under scrutiny, but in this case there really is no cause for concern. It is a beautifully shot and crafted piece of cinema. Excellent Cast, and solid direction.

You are introduced to a view of history from a less common angle. The lives and story of people who opposed the rise of Nazi Germany from within. People who stood up to the fear, collusion, and general despair of the masses. Most too scared to fight back, choosing instead to lay low and hope for the best.

You can draw frightening parallels with the world today. Except we have social media to voice our anger and concerns at what we see as injustice. The tyrants and demigods around the world fight to block free speech on the internet just as Hitler and the SS did in Germany in the late 1930's and 40's. If you disagree with them you are wrong and risk being silenced and oppressed.

This film depicts the pre-internet world's attempt at quiet resistance. Slower, less reach, but still shows the importance of non conformity in the face of oppression. A valuable watch for all who love true stories, and perhaps particularly relevant at the moment.

Reviewed by Thomas ([email protected]) 8 / 10

I really hope this makes more people find out about the Hampels

"Alone in Berlin" or "Jeder Stirbt Für Sich Allein" is an English-language film from 2016 (this year) that is a co-production between Germany, France and the United Kingdom. The director is Vincent Perez and he is also one of the writers. He collaborated with Achim and Bettine von Borries on adapting the novel by Hans Fallada for the screen here. The outcome is a pretty convincing 100-minute movie I must say. Everybody knows about Stauffenberg or Schindler or Rommel and their approach to resistance during the years of Nazi Germany, but hardly anybody knows about Otto and Elise Hampel. These are the real life people that German writer Hans Fallada based his novel on and he called them Anna and Otto Quangel. The two lost their sun during World War II and it shocked them to an extent that they became focused on writing little notes that were critical towards Hitler and the Nazi regime. They distributed these notes in the city of Berlin on all kinds of locations and you can imagine very well that the Nazis weren't amused at all and did all they could to find the delinquents responsible for this.

Let me say first that I watched the West German 1976 movie by Alfred Vohrer with the same title a couple months ago and this is how I found out the first time about the Quangels/Hampels. And I really enjoyed this old film. But I also enjoy this new movie here, even if there are some crucial differences. For example, in the old film the woman is the driving force behind the resistance. In this new film, it is the man. This new movie also focuses clearly more on supporting characters and some have their own stories, while the old movie focuses almost entirely on the Quangels. And last but not least, the ending is pretty different. In the old film, suicide is a major part of the plot, while this new movie also ends with suicide, but from an entirely different perspective.

Now lets take a look at this new movie. The two main characters are played by established and successful actors Brendan Gleeson and Emma Thompson. Daniel Brühl plays the Nazi officer in charge of finding the duo. And of you take a look at the cast list, you will find several other known names if you know a bit about German cinema. But you can actually argue who is lead and who is supporting here. Gleeson's character probably has most of the screen-time, while Brühl has still more than Thompson I think. Thompson has some of the loudest moments of the film though, for example when she reads the note of her son's death or when she pays Schüttler's character a visit. But could the story exist without any of them? I am not sure. Then again, when I say "loudest moments", you probably would not expect Gleeson to be in any of these as his approach to acting usually goes very well with quiet(ly convincing) characters and performances.

In my opinion, this is one of the best 2016 films I have seen so far and I really really hope this will make the Hampels more known. If it takes some occasional dramatization for this, I am perfectly fine with that. I am of course referring here also to the ending with the suicide of Brühl's character. It is entirely subjective how you perceive this scene. I think many will like it, but I can also understand people who will not see it as very realistic as he killed earlier in the film to keep his job. And eventually, it was all for nothing. But I liked the references about him being the only one who read all these notes and how it changed his perspective on things. What I feel also could have been done was talk about the missing notes and how the fact that these were not handed to the Nazis may have been due to some people agreeing with what was written on them. Anyway, back to Brühl, the writers sure did all they could to make his character seem likable despite him being the main antagonist, for example he leaves the bird free, he is not as brutal as the other Nazis in the film, he kills the poor guy only after he says it is the best thing to do etc. I am occasionally not sure how much I like Brühl as an actor, but here he really convinced me and he was on par with Gleeson's and Thompson's strong performances. All in all, I can only repeat myself that I totally recommend checking out this film. It's very much worth watching and delivers in terms of drama, historic context, acting and, last but definitely not least, the emotional impact.

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