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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brianmccaig01 8 / 10

Highly unusual little chiller.

I cannot believe the extremely low marks on IMDb. Surely this is a mistake. A highly intelligent film that had more than a few scares to boot. The acting was well above average as was the story too. Try to check it out. Considering the dross that seems to be sadly and continually served up in recent, so called horror films, it was refreshing to see a film that didn't insult the viewers intelligence. In some ways it reminded me of It Follows. It would appear that Indie chillers are the only films these days that are proving to throw done fresh ideas into the horror genre. So please give it a try and hopefully we can see more from the writer and director in the future. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Nigel P 3 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

In the short space of time she is on screen, objectionable brat Lucy (Amberley Gridley) sulks and pouts so much that when she is knocked down by a speeding car during a spectacular strop, the relief outweighs any grief.

Next we meet Tess (Ryan Simpkins), a similarly uncommunicative young lady who initially displays all of Lucy's charm (i.e.: none) – and yet Tess's troubles are there for a reason: for years, she has suffered mental instability episodes throughout her life. We learn this from scenes of her isolation, even in her fairly bustling hometown. This may make her susceptible to Lucy's undead spirit … With so little happening throughout the running time, and when much of that time is given to focussing on Tess's sullen moping, there isn't much sympathy invited. It is suggested that Tess's condition - a 'dissociative identity disorder' - makes her susceptible to Lucy's undead presence. Her mother Jessica, fashionably not that much older than her daughter, is wracked with the applicable concern, but when her daughter is so cut off, so apathetic, as far as this drama is concerned, she just becomes a pain in the neck. With an unresponsive child possessed by a sulky adolescent, the subtleties of the drama are fatally unengaging.

And yet, amid the heart-wrenching soul-searching, Sarah's wishes that her dead daughter Lucy needs to be 'in a better place' are somewhat unnerving, especially as the spirit seems unwilling to leave the host body. These scenes, and others, would have been so much more effective if more was made of the supernatural element.

Ultimately, despite what are presumably the best intentions of the cast and crew, two women screaming 'Tess!!' every time the young woman coughs or chokes or looks earnestly into the distance doesn't really inspire much of a reaction. Sadly, I ran out of patience long before the film ended. As a guide in how not to look after a troubled teen, this may be useful, but as a horror film, it is duller than dull.

Reviewed by dryadcrow 8 / 10

Certainly not as bad as made out to be

I have just finished watching this film on Sky Movies. I checked IMDb as I was actually watching the start titles and saw how poorly it was received, but I watched anyway to make up my own mind.

Conclusion...... this is NOT a horror film. This is a slow burning supernatural drama. There is a certain sadness to it.

And I really enjoyed it :-) Yes, it does have some minor flaws but they can be ignored quite easily. Give it a try and make up your own may surprise yourself and enjoy it like I did.

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