Arthur & Merlin


Action / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 18%
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David Sterne as King Vortigern
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by muaddib-23 7 / 10

How much Hollyrottenwood pays for a single down vote?!

This movie kicks Hollywood b-u-t-t. I can see from some fake reviews that it hurts them badly - a movie with tiny little budget far more enjoyable than marvel-like "blockbusters".

I am looking forward to see the Hollyrottenwood crumble and be replaced with more humble movies like this one.

In Arthur&Merlin you simply enjoy the flow of time and immerse yourself inside the adventure. Special effects are used on rare occasions, but still able to make you feel the story is real. Kind of Game Of Thrones style where acting, story and sets alone do the job, not dumb CGI or hundreds of enemies thrown at heroes every other second.

And please don't get me wrong. This is still economic movie, but very good and very enjoyable for every fan of elemental wizardry :)

Best wishes from Poland! Thank You.

Reviewed by maximusblyth 6 / 10

entertaining but a little too long

I found this take on the King Arthur Legend very entertaining. The use of colour and the cinematography was the most enjoyable aspect of this film. The story was good enough to get me through the full film despite it's length being close to a Lord of the Rings film. It is clear to see the effort and passion that has gone into this film and it has paid of in the end result.

Although this film may not compete with Peter Jackson's fantasy series, it's budget is a fraction of Hollywood features and it is still very enjoyable.

It works very well as a family film as I watched with my kids and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Reviewed by dna-1138 1 / 10

Don't fall for the false reviews

The ratings on IMDb have really gone off the rails now. Please do not see this movie - it's just awful. Cheap and nasty as hell, terrible soundtrack, terrible actors. The other 5 or 6 people that gave this film 10 out of 10 clearly have either worked for the movie, or are under the impression that most of the readers here are utterly stupid. Shame, really, as I used to use them as a guide. The embarrassing thing is all these false reviews end up sounding the same...too much detail, too much worship...10 out of 10? really? This movie is in the same quality bracket as Inception or The Godfather? The IMDb rating system now sucks, and is totally unreliable.

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