Bad Santa 2


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 23%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
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Christina Hendricks as Diane Hastings
Billy Bob Thornton as Willie Soke
Kathy Bates as Sunny Soke
Brett Kelly as Thurman Merman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sanjin_9632 6 / 10

Billy Bob in a Santa suit. Thanks Santa!

First of all, I loved the first one. My absolute favorite Christmas movie of all time. Most other Christmas movies are about magic and all that. How about some realism, dosed with cynicism, sarcasm, curses and other insults? Now that's what Christmas deserves and that's what we all deserve for Christmas.

Some of the comments referred to the first movie as *the original*. Not quite accurate, because this is no remake.

Two reasons I liked this one too:

- Billy Bob & Tony Cox .. a dream combo .. foul mouthed and screwed up to the bone. I'd watch these guys just sit opposite each other and talk trash to each other for days.

And one more thing: Of course this movie can't beat the first one. Also, it doesn't need to. It's fun. That's what any holiday should be about. I had fun watching it. Merry Christmas!


Reviewed by lev-nemkin 7 / 10

Funny sequel that delivers...

Bad Santa 2 is definitely not as good as the original in fact the first time I watched it I really disliked it it was not funny,over the top with the crude humor and Billy Bob Thornton seemed like he didn't want to be in the movie like he didn't commit to the role this time around but with a second viewing I was wrong he was decent as Willie Soke not as good as in the original of course in that he was hilarious and you couldn't help but laugh at every filthy word that came out of his mouth. They also introduce Willie's mother in this who is played by Kathy Bates and she was pretty good in this actually but the best thing about this movie in my opinion was Thurman Merman he was just as funny as ever to me and he talked more which is good that's what I wanted to see because in the first one it took him awhile to say anything I mean it still was good and when he did talk it was funny but here it seems like they developed his character a bit more. This is pretty much the same thing as the first one except it's a charity this time and he reluctantly works with his mother who he hates. If you're a fan of the original I'd say check it out you won't be disappointed it's a funny sequel and it definitely delivers.

Reviewed by Gino Cox 7 / 10

Raunchy humor that would make Lenny Bruce blush

"Bad Santa 2" is frequently hilarious, if one enjoys raunchy no-holds-barred humor. In a world of oppressive mandates for politically correct action, speech and thought, it is a breath of fresh air, mercilessly lampooning every liberal sacred cow imaginable.

It is not a great film. "Bad Santa" was amusing, but not particularly memorable and the sequel will undoubtedly also quickly fade from memory. The plot is largely familiar. The characters don't grow emotionally and are roughly as misanthropic, misogynistic, cynical, self-destructive, abrasive, etc., at the conclusion as they were at the start. It succeeds in creating humor by placing ridiculous characters in improbable circumstances. The humor is bawdy, uninhibited and confrontational. The jokes would make Lenny Bruce blush.

The film fails to rise above its station in its use of alcohol and nudity. Alcohol can be used for burlesque effect by turning a normally staid individual into a stumbling clown, or it can be used to strip away the character's inhibitions, exposing raw anger, resentment, fear and other emotions for all to see, as in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Nudity can be used for titillation, or make the character seem vulnerable, primal or honest, as in "Teachers."

BS2 uses uninhibited, unrestrained, brutally honest language to convey the frustrations, anger and other emotions of the characters. It is at times shocking or amusing, but consistently honest. But alcohol does not strip away any emotions or public façades, as these characters have no inhibitions to strip away. The brief nudity seems immature and puerile compared with the dialogue. One character has on-camera sex in half a dozen scenes with several different partners, with both partners fully dressed (at least from the camera's POV). This is an actor known for a highly erotic scene in a 2001 film. What little nudity is presented in the film seems cheesy and dishonest compared with the brutally honest dialogue.

The film delivers more laughs than many comedies. Production values are adequate. Performances are uniformly excellent. The script is underdeveloped with several major plot holes. It isn't destined to become a classic, but succeeds admirably as a raunchy celebration of political incorrectness.

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