Buster's Mal Heart


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 76%
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Rami Malek as Buster
DJ Qualls as The Last Free Man
Lin Shaye as Pauline
Bruce Bundy as Ranger Meg
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by David Ferguson ([email protected]) 6 / 10

belly of the whale

Greetings again from the darkness. A film festival wouldn't be complete without at least one mind-blowing avant-garde cinematic experience. I'm not the kind that needs every ending neatly bow-wrapped, and I often enjoy having conventional story structure challenged and even dissolved. Writer/director Sarah Adina Smith seems to thrive in such an environment in this twisty psychological thriller covering three timelines (one of which may be a dream) … or a split personality … or two/three men from one … or some combination … or something else entirely that I might have missed. (I'm not too proud to admit this distinct possibility).

When a filmmaker bravely dives into the bizarre, casting becomes crucial. Ms. Smith nails it with Rami Malek, DJ Qualls and Kate Lyn Sheil. Thanks to the popularity of TV's "Mr. Robot", Malek is now a leading man – albeit far outside the Ryan Gosling mold. Here he plays Jonah, a struggling family man with a wife (Ms. Sheil) and young child. Working as a night Concierge at a hotel, Jonah tries to make the best of the lack of sleep and minimal contact with his family. In addition to Jonah, Malek plays Buster, a slippery and hirsute mountain man who negotiates his way through the Montana mountains by hanging out in the multi-million dollar vacation homes (mostly) vacated by their owners during the snowy winter months.

The film bounces between 3 periods for Jonah/Buster: the elusive near-mythical mountain man running from the law, the bleak nights of the family man, and a dream-like sequence where he is adrift at sea in a row boat. Throughout the film, references to "sphincter" and multiple proclamations that "The Inversion is coming" lead us to believe there could be a sci-fi connection or an apocalyptic ending headed our way. Instead, it's "the belly of the whale" that might unlock the mystery or mysteries serenaded by the thunderous techno-bass bass. Even with the dark comedic elements, it's a head-scratcher for sure; but one that manages to keep us engaged despite our whirlwind of theories and uncertainly.

Reviewed by nowego 5 / 10

Watch this if you are Remi Malek fan

This reminded me of The Matrix. If you haven't seen The Matrix you will not have a clue what I am talking about.

Three story lines, never sure which one is the real one and which is imagination or hallucination. Development of each could have been much better, but it would have made the movie a lot longer, which was probably a constraint along with the obvious low budget.

Remi Malek does very well in his role, the obvious likenesses to Mr Robot show though, even though I believe he did this prior to Mr Robot.

Some of the movie is slow, other parts are very entertaining, but it could have been done better so only 5.5/10 for me.

Reviewed by tsimshotsui 4 / 10

too ambitious for its own good

Director Sarah Adina Smith crammed at least 3 films here and she tries to make it work but fails. There was too much going on. If I could pick among the jumbled 3 separate films in there, the best would have been this man's slow but steady descent to paranoia. The Y2K element also felt too shaky a ground to stand on as all these events and twists take place.

I was curious to see Rami Malek in a different role and in some ways it was a pleasure, with his character being a dad and the segment with the couple in the cabin being my personal favorites. But his character is supposed to be Mexican (the film's script requiring him to speak a lot of Spanish even) and I hope I don't have to spell out why this is off-putting. I read that he was cast before Mr. Robot so opportunity-wise for Rami I get accepting this role before, however there's been some time to improve on this, and I'm disappointed at Malek but more on Smith for failing to do so. The element of wanting to see Rami Malek in a different film also gets mired by certain plot similarities to his other well-known work.

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