Dead Again in Tombstone



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Jake Busey as Colonel Jackson Boomer
Elysia Rotaru as Alicia
Dean McDermott as Dr. Goldsworthy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10

And the horse you rode in on

This is the much awaited sequel to "Dead in Tombstone." Oh how do they come with such clever names? If you missed the first film, you can pick up of the gist of it early on. Guerrero (Danny Trejo) is back from the dead, killing for the devil. There is no bike, no flaming skull head, and best of all, no Nicklaus Cage. Colonel Jackson Boomer (Jake Busey) a former Confederate officer leads a band on men into town (which is not Tombstone BTW) wanting to get "the box" that will unleash satanic powers and save his life. He also has the help of the local madam (Elizabeth Lavender).

So now we get the backstory, not knowing there was a backstory. It is the same shoot 'em up, slow motion swagger, "I'm not dead yet" type of stuff we see in most action films. Plot is straight forward and kind of makes you wonder which side is the devil on? But Busey explains that in a sober moment.

Guide: F-word. Implied sex. Nudity (Elizabeth Lavender, Gwyn Auger +uncredited)

Reviewed by Bob Rutzel 7 / 10

Rough Western, but Entertaining

Col Jackson Boomer (Jake Busey) badgers Guerrero (Danny Trejo) to give up the Bone Box (that contains The Devil's Bible, which will insure he has immense power over the entire world). Guerrero has come back from the Dead as Lucifer has him under control, but he claims he has no idea where the box is or what it is.

This is a somewhat supernatural western story and we will see a lot of shooting, blood squirting here and there and numerous explosions…..and oh, yes, a coming back from the dead too. Supernatural, remember?

In time, the Devil's Bible is given to Col Jackson Boomer, but something is wrong. It is not enough and Jackson figures this out. Something is missing. What could it be?

We see Jackson Boomer hanging out in the brothel run by Madame Du Vere (Elizabeth Lavender) and we also see naked girls making out with customers and with each other, too. Guerrero tries to re- establish himself with his estranged daughter Alicia (Elysia Rotaru) and his mother Zerelda De La Cruz (Michelle Rios) who tells Guerrero he must protect the bone box. Later,we see that his mother is quite handy with a gun too.

The acting is good all around, the music is good, the gun fights are well choreographed, but the cinematography is awesome and almost a work of art on their own. Kudos.

Notable: Dean McDermott as Dr Goldsworthy who we suspect is something more than human and he tries to have Guerrero reject Lucifer's hold on him. Supernatural, remember?

This is no holds barred western and is quite rough, but very entertaining. (7/10)

Violence: Yes. Sex: No.. Nudity: Yes. Language: Yes.

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