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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lewis Paterson 7 / 10

A solid Seagal DTV effort, even if it is paint-by-numbers

It's been nearly 30 years since Seagal made his debut in Above the Law and it's starting to show - Steven's now at the ripe old age of 64. Retirement age, and ironically enough in his latest DTV movie End of a Gun he plays a retired DEA agent - perhaps he's finally accepting his old age?

Anyway, if you're looking at this you should probably know what to expect by Seagal's DTV movies by now. And this movie does exactly that - Seagal wanders himself into trouble with some dangerous criminals, taking no prisoners as he mumbles his way through his lines and flies his fists around to give the bad guys a beating.

Once again, this is another Seagal movie set in Europe, with Paris the setting this time. He seems to have a bit of an obsession with it, although there is noticeably less focus on ogling the local women than there is in his other intercontinental efforts.

The main highlight for me was probably the performance of Jade Ewen - she gave a solid performance in her role as the sneaky but sexy accomplice of Seagal. She's most famous in Britain as the Eurovision entry a number of years ago and a brief spell with the Sugababes...money must be really tight if she's having to flirt with a pension-age Steven Seagal on screen.

Other than that, it's what you've come to expect. The villain is pretty forgettable and generic (and there's another "villain" who the makers seem to forget about by the end of the film?). A couple of bits where Seagal is dubbed, but it's very minor. Keoni Waxman directs, making this his umpteenth collaboration with Seagal - but his projects with Seagal are usually pretty passable DTV efforts, and the trend doesn't change here. The running time is a fairly slim 86 minutes, which I prefer for these kinds of films - all killer, no filler. Make the rides brief and enjoyable.

Seagal has made plenty of poor DTV movies but this isn't one of them - it's one of his better efforts in recent time. Check it out if you're a fan.

Reviewed by Destroyer Wod 5 / 10

Just barely is average... being generous.

So in the latest years with Steven Seagal its been more miss than hits. But sometimes there is a movie that come out which entertain me enough to consider it a good time. Don't get me wrong, i don't expect an Hollywood production out of his movies, but in the direct to video action genre sometimes they do the job. Not this one...

Keoni Waxman directed the pretty good Force of Execution, which had Seagal more as a support character. I enjoyed that one so i tough who knows this one may also be good. But its not the case.

There is very few fights, and when there is the camera angles are terrible making it obvious its a Seagal body double for the bare minimum moves. The plot is pretty generic even tough OK, but the characters have nothing interesting. Seagal once again play an ex agent/soldier and the bad guys are generic as they can be. There is a couple gun fights which are also rather uninspired.

The reality is when you watch a Seagal, one of the thing that is kinda fun is when the bad guys underestimate him, even tough he appear 2 feet taller than them, and he get out some one liners as he kick there ass. Not much of that in this.

In any case unless you are a total Seagal must watch kinda guy, you can definitely skip this one. Its not atrocious or anything, its just boring...

Reviewed by Daniel Deltondo ([email protected]) 7 / 10

Best Seagal DTV Effort since Absolution

You cant say that there is ever a drought when it comes to Seagal. Unlike JCVD, Stallone or Arnold who are a little more selective in the movies they make and we are lucky to get 1 or 2 movies a year from the action heroes of yesterday, Seagal has had 3 releases in the past month and i think 4 or 5 this year. The problem with such a high output of product is the standard isn't very high. Biggest complaints with Seagal is that he is marketed and billed as the star of the movie and then he ends up in the movie for a total running time of 20 or 30 minutes (if we are lucky), and even then he is usually heavily doubled with the body and voice. I never understood this lack of quality control or respect for his fans to put out something so substandard. But in recent years we have occasionally got a decent one that reminds us that if Seagal is in the hands of a capable director, he can still put out a decent action film. Unlike the releases this year Sniper, Code of Honour, Asian Connection, Killing Salazar & The Perfect Weapon (Both in the last week), Seagal is actually the lead, i would say he is in at least 70 minutes of the 90 minute running time and there is minimal dubbing. He seemed interested in the movie, it was set in Paris and he gets a couple of decent fights (even if the doubles are still present). A couple of smart one liner jokes, this was a decent effort and would say, skip his other 6 releases this year (particularly Killing Salazar and Sniper) and support this one with a purchase. Keoni Waxman is a DTV director that knows how to shoot action, he knows how to get the best out of Seagal. Seagal should make every movie with him. As a DTV release I would say 7/10... compared to every other Seagal movie released in the past 12-15 months, this one is definitely the best one.

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