How to Marry a Millionaire


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Marilyn Monroe as Pola Debevoise
Lauren Bacall as Schatze Page
Cameron Mitchell as Tom Brookman
William Powell as J.D. Hanley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jotix100 7 / 10

Gold Diggers of 1953

This was the first movie filmed in Cinemascope, or at least, one of the first ones to use the new technique. Jean Negulesco, the director, gives it a great reading of the play in which the film is based. Nunnally Johnson, is given credit as an adapter, but also acted as the producer.

The film was innocent fun by 1953 standards. We are presented with three girls that would be room mates in a gorgeous New York apartment. The only problem is none of them have any money. What to do? Try to attract a man with enough money to keep them in a style they were not accustomed to live!

The trio of young women are beautiful. We have the brainy Schatze in charge of the household. Then there are the myopic Pola, and the flighty Loco. It's clear that the only one with a head on her shoulders si Schatze, who knows how to move in the cafe society of the New York of those years. Unfortunately, the women's choice in men is awful. Two of them end up with guys that are just making a living, and in a surprise at the last moment, the last girl gets a real millionaire when she only thought he was a working class stiff!

The film, although light, it's still fun to watch. Lauren Bacall is the one that fares better in the film, not only does she get the prize package, but she gives an intelligent account of her elegant and sophisticated Schatze. Betty Grable doesn't have much to do, and a bespectacled Marilyn Monroe, does a lot with her character.

William Powell makes a great appearance as the older man in Schatze's life. He still was showing his charm as the Texas man with enough sense to resign being married to a much younger woman. David Wayne, Cameron Mitchell, Rory Calhoun, Fred Clark, are the men in the lives of the would be gold diggers.

This is a film to be seen as a curiosity film made in the new technology of Cinemascope.

Reviewed by Jen ([email protected]) 10 / 10

What a wonderfully, delightful movie!

This movie is great. I don't care what people say about it, you can't deny that it is very entertaining! I really don't know what goes through peoples minds when they say Betty Grable wasn't good in this movie, or was too old for the part. I can't imagine the story without her to make it what it is. I personally thought she looked the same age as her co-stars, and not a bit older.

Lauren Bacall was perfect for her role, and as always, so was Marilyn Monroe as another dumb blonde character. But I hate when most people think that just because she portrayed a ditzy girl, that it means she was like that in real life too - SHE WASN'T! Marilyn Monroe was an intelligent natural dark-brown haired brunette.

Anyway, HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE is really good in my opinion, and anyone that is a Monroe, Bacall or Grable fan absolutely MUST see it! I personally am a HUGE Marilyn Monroe fan, and enjoyed this movie as much as her others.

The storyline was great, and it had some very funny moments. I give this movie 9.5/10, losing a half-mark only because of the extreamly prolonged and unnecessary musical feature at the beginning, which makes you lose interest and want to fast forward 5 minutes worth of inactive classical music. An overall fabulous movie.

Reviewed by didi-5 7 / 10

Monroe and Grable and Bacall

This entertaining film has the three girls (Pola, played by Marilyn Monroe in specs; Schatze, played by Lauren Bacall and looking rather mumsy; and Loco, played by Betty Grable with those fabulous legs) setting up shop in an apartment, ready to reel in wealthy husbands.

The boys in question include David Wayne, Rory Calhoun, Cameron Mitchell, William Powell, and Alex D'Arcy. Trying to figure out the scheming girls is hard for them, especially when the girls are going all out to hide their real personalities!

This glitzy fluff is enlivened by real-life in-jokes - Betty Grable doesn't recognise a Harry James record (she was married to him at the time), and Lauren Bacall says she's mad about 'that old man in The African Queen'(real-life husband Bogart of course). Bacall comes out best of the girls although Monroe is always worth watching and Grable was effective decoration even towards the end of her career, as she was here (having been on screen for over twenty years at this point - her first appearance was in her teens in 'Hold 'Em Jail', I think).

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