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James Belushi as Det. Mike Dooley
Nadja Pionilla as Terri
Wade Williams as Devon Lang
Ron Yuan as Jackie Hammonds
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by callanvass 5 / 10

Entertainingly funny

Dooley and Jerry Lee are still running amok on the force! Just a little older and a little less effective. Things get a bit worrisome for Dooley when age is clearly catching up to Jerry Lee. Jerry is forced to partner up with Sgt. Welles(Tucci) and her dog to track down somebody that is gunning for revenge, and putting Dooley's life in danger. The good news is this sequel is nowhere near as bad as part three. The bad news? It's still highly unnecessary. I'll give this movie credit where it's due. It passed the time admirably and painlessly, something I wasn't expecting. It still has the lazy toilet humor and it's quite dated with an 80's feel. I love the 80's, so this type of cheese is right up my alley. I couldn't help but chuckle at the Rocky style gags of getting Jerry Lee & Dooley back in shape. That being said, I couldn't shake off this feeling that this movie was phoning it in! And to be honest, it was! There is much more action in this one than the third. Belushi was out of shape, but not to an embarrassing degree like he was in the third, so he's able to handle himself in mediocre fashion, in the action scenes. At this stage? Mediocre is a compliment. He's still way out of his element, running after baddies. I like Belushi, but it's obvious he's nowhere near his best. He phones it in half the time and kinda mugs his way through. He cracks some jokes, some funny, some aren't. I kinda wish he showed a little more agony about his dead wife. Christine Tucci is rather bland, but fits the bill. She doesn't embarrass herself and kept me watching. Her romance with Belushi wasn't very believable. Wade Williams is OK as the villain. His storyline had a lot of potential, but it resorted to clichés and took the safe route. It wasn't congruent to the tone of the film

I did give this movie plenty of criticism, but I did have some mild fun with it. If you put your brain aside, it is possible to get through this movie with no regrets. The original is still the best!


Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6 / 10

Decent but not great

I do prefer K-9, but K-911 was pretty decent if not exactly great. The script is weak in places with some somewhat rudimentary comedy, the production values aren't as good this time around, the story falls into predictability a little too often and the direction is merely average. However there are some fun moments, the soundtrack is decent and the movie does move fairly quickly. What made the movie though is Jerry-Lee and James Belushi- Jerry-Lee is still the well-trained and cute dog I loved from K-9 and Belushi is always watchable and is quite charming.

Overall, it is a decent film but it is not a great one. Worth watching for Jerry-Lee and Belushi but don't expect a masterpiece. 6/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by ahodge 7 / 10

Let's get serious - NOT

Arrrrrggghhhhhh, some people take life far too seriously!!! Watch this film for what it is, sit back, relax and have a giggle. The film does not take itself seriously, so neither should we. If you like James Belushi, you will like this film. If he is not your cup of tea - give it a miss.

I like James Belushi, so I liked this film. So simple isn't it?? :-)

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