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Halle Berry as Karla Dyson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by matty-j-1 1 / 10

This is the worst movie I've seen in 10 years

Not really even sure where to start. We'll go through the low points blow by blow.

Storyline - there isn't one. The entire plot makes no sense, and is so ridiculous as to have you laughing out loud for most of the movie. Yeah kid gets kidnapped and mother will stop at nothing to get him back. Seen that before. But what you've not seen is the utter drivel they come up with in this movie. Utter garbage dressed up as some kind of action. It's the worst story I've seen in as long as I can remember. I haven't even got to the end yet, and I'm writing this.

Acting - woeful beyond belief. Halle Berry would have to have been utterly desperate to get involved with this garbage. Minutes of talking to herself about how she won't let her kid go, all while in the middle of a car chase. Obviously the part is written and there's not much she can do about the story line, but unless she needs the money, she'd just walk away. No idea why she's even involved.

Action - appalling. 'High-speed' stunts filmed at about 5km/h, then sped up to seem faster. Non-sensical action scenes that add nothing other than further ridicule to this movie.

Cinematography - I can't say I've ever seen anything as laughably appalling as this. During the 'high-speed' chases, we get minutes worth of tyre-going-around footage, interspersed with minutes of yellow lines on the road. We get it - they're driving.

Overall this movie is atrocious and simply not worth your time. Unless you want to spend a couple hours yelling at the TV to get her to actually do something towards getting her son back. Abysmal, appalling, ghastly garbage.

Reviewed by John Zander 1 / 10

Unfortunately Really Bad

Warning Spoilers!

This main character is so damn stupid. Beyond any reasonable logic. When she had a chance to kill the man who took her son, she didn't.

When it's time for some cool stunt driving scenes, the highway is full of cars. Other times when she is just following the kidnappers car, there isn't a single car on the entire highway or 10 minutes!

It's just to aggravating to watch a lead character who makes such stupid decisions just to further the film. The stupidity continues throughout the film.

I wish someone would have kidnapped me before I started to watch this film. Avoid it.

Reviewed by Segun Adelaja 2 / 10

I'm quite disappointed

I normally wouldn't write a spoiler for a review, but I find it necessary to pick this movie apart piece by piece 'cos the story was a load of Bull. First of all, I'm not sure which pisses me off more, the script writer that left so many holes in the story or the main character which Halle Berry played quite well. Suffice to say, while I find Halle's acting to be believable, I find the personality of the character she played quite confusing and unappealing. I really couldn't help disliking her and her choices from the beginning of the movie till the very end. I thought, "well, how stupid can she get" every five minutes. And here is why.

1. Why didn't she slam into the kidnappers' car when she had the chance at the stop light? I would think adrenaline was pumping at that moment the incidence just occurred and some more desperate howbeit reckless attempt would have been made to recover the boy.

2. It took her so long to get on the phone and call the cops while chasing the car that had her son. Really?! And don't tell us she lost her phone. All you need to do to attract the police in all 50 states is to rear end or side swipe a few cars and keep going. They will do the calling for you. She didn't as much as bash any other vehicle during the first half of the "desperate" chase.

3. She was driving like my granny.

4. The scene where a cop on a motorcycle attempted to pull her over was just so silly. All she had to was keep going when the cop asked her to pull over till he called it in and had other cops on the chase. well, another scene that made this character seem like an idiot.

5. So she offered up her financial instruments and didn't think to keep the pin as bargaining chip till she was at the point of ensuring an exchange then went ahead to let the kidnapper into her car... Not beside her, behind her. Then drove to a secluded highway. Why on earth would the kidnapper that has your son, your cards, your pin, keep you alive when the only thing keeping you from reporting the cards stolen is being alive? Is this character just daft or these is how people actually react when they are in crisis?

6. She overpowers and throws out a woman twice her size, positioned behind her while she is driving and being strangled at the same time out of a moving mini-van. All the while with door closed. The only script allowed to have that sort of impractical scenario is a James Bond movie. Absolutely unbelievable. The woman also came into her vehicle with no phones on her with which to alert her "boyfriend" when she was tossed from the car?

7. She actually stopped a stranger from getting run over by putting her vehicle between said stranger and a car about to run him over at a time she had the option of intercepting the kidnapper about to get away with her son. I believe natural instinct is self preservation before all else except a person has specific training to react otherwise in those circumstances. When i saw this scene, it didn't make her out to be a hero to me, I just felt she must not be trying to save her son.

8. It took her almost an hour into the movie after driving Miss Daisy behind the kidnappers for her to realize she could rear end the car... guess what? Right about the time the car was running empty on gas. *roll my eyes*

9. The kidnappers were painted not as newbies, but repeat offenders who did this for a living. Well, it didn't look like it. If they were pros, they had every opportunity to take the boy across state lines while the mum was taking a "cruise" around town.

10. Then there is the question of how the boy made it from the car with the male kidnapper to the house where the kids were being kept. One moment, the boy is in the car with the male kidnapper being chased by the mum in distress, the next moment, the mum is asking "where is my son?" and she's fishing for an ID on the kidnapper's lifeless body. #Sheish!

11. Kidnappers' Den. She sees a sawn off shotgun lying on a table and she leaves it. Really?! She's anti-gun?

12. The boat ploy was also dumb. If she could fool the woman, she couldn't fool a dog for a second. The dog would have gone for the water immediately and started barking not after she had fired off a few rounds into an empty boat which un-propelled was able to move away from a powerful flashlight that fast? Errmmm! Really?

So I guess the only thing you could consider smart about the main character was the fact that she was able to pick up on the "neighbour's" lie? Psssssh!

The main character was not properly developed and profiled. First acting conservative and unsure of what to do then later switching to aggressive, alpha personality. Every other thing that occurred in this plot was pure luck and stupidity on the kidnappers part. Well, I didn't see any well calculated attempt at recovering the child. The script is weak and empty. So thumbs down. I lost empathy for her and felt like smacking a head all though the movie maybe to knock a little sense into her. She should be loosing custody after this episode.

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