Maigret's Dead Man


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery

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Rowan Atkinson as Chief Inspector Jules Maigret
Aidan McArdle as Judge Comeliau
Lucy Cohu as Madame Maigret
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by agispir 9 / 10

For summer nights with clear atmosphere!

I was pleasantly surprised! First of all, I had never heard of the film before, but knowing that Mr Atkinson plays the leading role, a role COMPLETELY distant from those he had played in the past, I was eager to watch it. Let me share with you my three basic impressions:

(a) I was fascinated by the settings, the clothing, the atmosphere, immediately from the very first scene; the one in the farm. Every setting was so carefully set and in so much detail, that I caught myself many times watching the background objects than the action itself.

(b) Direction is really very very good but I think Mr Atkinson is superb! You can "hear" him saying so many things just by watching his eyes. His eyes say everything in the movie! He is actually a genuine human Maigret; a thinker, not a talker.

(c) The plot is from Simenon's novel in late 40s. A classic crime/mystery story, mostly suited for mature audiences. Perhaps younger audiences may find the story somehow outdated.

If you like vintage-style detective/crime/mystery movies, I think that you are going to enjoy that. Mostly suited for summer/autumn nights with clear atmosphere, good company and good drinks!

Reviewed by djpl-719-841133 10 / 10

Maigret's Dead Man

Interesting set of reviews, I have just got round to watching this episode and loved it. Rowan Atkinson interpreted the detective as he wanted to, differently but without losing the essence of the character. i had read about the settings not being in Paris but that certainly wasn't a distraction. Like most Television shows, this latest version of the famed detective was and wont be favoured by everyone, that is the way of things. However I can't fault Rowan Atkinson's performance, he did it his way and that was just fine. Oh and Paul D. from Belgium, loved your last line. I agree, no one says Bob like Rowan :-)

Reviewed by tafilint2003 1 / 10

Horribly boring, bad acting, without inspiration

This is probably Rowan Atkinson's worst role and the whole script looks as if it was written by a child. I wouldn't recommend watching it, unless you want to waste the precious time of your life on rubbish. The only practical application of this movie is to serve as a cure for insomnia. I felt asleep 4 times in the first 30 minutes.

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