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Essie Davis as Patricia Deville
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Steve Coogan as Peter Eastman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by esthercross 9 / 10

I laughed my eyeliner down my face

Mindhorn is the ultimate treat for anyone who has an appreciation for ludicrous humour. The film is set on the Isle of man which in my eyes sets the plot up for greatness as the clash of action and crime with understated countryside life is always a winner for me! I love to see the quaintness of British life being fondly ridiculed by a silly parody action sequence! Mindhorn is immediately funny and the 80s Mindhorn montage sequence reached both people who feel nostalgic about the 80s action genre (my dad was roaring) but it also tickled a 22 year old like myself. I love the parody form and Mindhorn's purposefully cheesy devices landed with rip-roaring comedic success.

The acting in this film was spot on because the actors had amazing command of physical humour and timing and the script didn't scrimp on funnies! Visual comedy is a really intelligent and inventive form of humour and the mark of a good script. Mindhorn has some brilliant moments of this and you can clearly tell from watching the film that the art department had a whale of a time! l also thoroughly enjoyed the use of garish colour in this film there was a strong use of carefully considered yet brazenly bold costumes and set. A piece of art as well as a good comedy! I'm sure I could pick faults but because I laughed the entire way through I don't think I need to.

Reviewed by alangmcw-850-641963 7 / 10

Good light-hearted fun - if you were there in the 70s

Well I enjoyed this movie from start to finish. It probably isn't for everyone, e.g. if you are too old or too young or from another planet. But if you remember British cop dramas from the 70s and 80s – with a bit of Starsky and Hutch thrown in (and if you have a sense of humour) then you should find some real laugh-out-loud moments here. I found it great, light-hearted, rather slapstick fun, and I will enjoy seeing this again some day.

Reviewed by wladisha 8 / 10

Lighthearted and fun!

The title says it all; this movie wants to make you laugh and leave you with a smile on your face afterwards. No nonsense, no melodrama.

The characters are real people (although exaggerated slightly), so it's not a parody - just a feel-good movie that's a little on the silly side.


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