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Jeffrey Combs as The Mold
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bilismit 1 / 10

I want the time spent watching this BACK!

Long time ago i learned not to trust ratings, but the story sounded interesting. I was so damn wrong. I know a lot of people who give these ratings were and are still high on weed while watching the movies and writing the reviews for them. Legalized marijuana is so bad for the normal straight (as in no drugs) people who just want an honest opinion. And then you have those self-righteous hipsters who inhale their own farts and give their poops a name and a kiss before they flush them, cause ... it is a special part of them. And that's why i am here, cause of all those people with their "honest" reviews and bloated ratings fooled me in to watching this movie.

So, here is my review: Its so damn boring! Movie keeps you in some suspense where you keep on waiting for this epic battle between good and evil and then its just over. The End

Who ever said this movie was anything else is either full of them selves or high on weed.

Reviewed by Lexi Grinberg 10 / 10

Wonderful roller-coaster of emotions!

I got to see the movie during a small screening in Seattle and I am glad I decided to step into torrential downpour to make it to the theater! I cringed, I laughed, I cried, I got queasy, and I had to avert eyes at certain times. This movie provides quite a healthy mix of humor and horror sprinkled with occasional scenes inducing depressive thoughts. This mix was the reason why I didn't leave with just a sense of dark dread despite the movie being so damn dark.

As a side note, the puppetry is superb (The Mold felt very much real by the end of the movie) and I've got to give props for camera work on such a limited budget.

Reviewed by Ben Carson 9 / 10


Had I not seen this film at Rose City Comic Con 2015, I may have never found it. This is a diverse and incredibly complex film that disguises it's self as a horror film.

It is indeed a horror film, but much more so then it truly portrays to be. The director, Don Thacker does an incredible job making us feel the main character, Ian's plight. He does this by isolating Ian in an apartment and bringing everyone to him. I don't want to give much more away. but this film should not be missed!!! If this director is not a bigger deal in a couple of years I would be incredibly surprised.

I am looking forward to his next.. It doesn't hurt that he used the great Jeffrey Combs to voice a talking mold spore.

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