Mythica: The Iron Crown


Action / Adventure / Fantasy

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Kevin Sorbo as Gojun Pye
Matthew Mercer as Szorlok
Eve Mauro as Admiral Borlund Hess
Melanie Stone as Marek
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stuart Fisher 8 / 10

Enjoyable fantasy

I picked this up in the charity shop. I hadn't seen any of the earlier Mythica movies but that wasn't necessary. The film does a good job of setting the scene, and you get the idea of what it is all about from the first 10 minutes or so. The plot at first seems somewhat contrived (apparently there are several powerful magical artifacts involved), but as the story progresses it begins to make more sense. The main characters have good chemistry and I thought that the "bad guy" was really good too. Of course, it's pretty standard Dungeons & Dragons fare (the main characters are a Mage, Ranger / thief, and a Fighter / Paladin) but if you are OK with that then you will enjoy this.

Reviewed by duvernetphotography 3 / 10

Amateur Hour

The Dark Spore, steam powered war machine, witches and spells, wizards and characters dressed as knights or swordsmen in some mythical time. Hot babes and the odd hunk to balance. All the ingredients of low hanging fruit of movies. This is no Game of Thrones. This is a weekend morning kid flick. The green screen effects are pretty lame, the fighting is slow motion in real time, just so that no one gets hurt. You can almost hear the "actors" reminding themselves of the moves they are supposed to make. I couldn't watch it past half an hour, Elementary students could write a better story line and image more interesting characters. They could also better act the sword play. All it takes a few bits of magic dust to throw and all is won.

Reviewed by lantonio-72606 3 / 10

Character Progress a let down

Mythica is turning out to be one of those pro-evil/satanic movies like evil dead, paranormal activity, naming the most obvious. So far I've progressed to the Iron Crown. Marek gave those stones because the evil in her push her to do so. She justified this whenever she gave a stone to Szorlok, always for a good reason, but she knowingly forfeits all other human life, because I can't explain why she gave the last stone away UNLESS. She is emotionally enslaved by Szorlok. As much as she promised to her friends that she will save the world, in the end she reveals her sneakiness.

I am about to see the last movie, but I think that she is going to betray humanity. She may justify her choice for an ass-excuse, but she is foremost a necromancer and she will embrace the darkness that court her as a lover and it will encompass her soul.

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