Oceans Rising


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by warriorzlyfe 1 / 10

Worst movie I've ever seen!

This is by far the worst movie ever made. There is no huge Arch. It's a motor boat. And the acting. Middle school plays have better acting this stupid movie. I actually stopped watching it when the "great flood" hit them on their boat and he had to go underwater in a pool to cut the rope off then suddenly he's behind a fast moving boat?? Really?? My dog puts on better shows. I do not recommend anyone wasting their money or even time

Reviewed by mujaga 1 / 10

Worst movie ever made

I wish IMDb made a special 0 rating for such a movie. Never in my life have I been this disappointed. I swear I could have made better scenes with a 4K camera with a drone and a small boat. The acting I mean what the f looks like they took a high school drama team and paid them in Doritos. They should all the prosecuted for wasting my time.

Reviewed by Markus Miikkulainen 1 / 10

Everything is sooo bad

I saw the IMDb points (6.9) and rented the movie. That cant be bad I thought. After seeing few minutes from beginning I realized that this was just waste of my time and money. I checked the IMDb rating again and noticed that only 30 people had given the rating by that time and half of them gave 10! Those were obviously the whole cast and the other members of staff. I cant call them as directors or film makers when the more correct term should be "con artists". The movie poster shows the statue of liberty mostly under water but of course we won't see anything like that in the movie. The synopsis (made by film makers) tells about the "arch" that is built by a scientist whose warnings are not taken seriously. The "arch" is a MOTOR BOAT! The whole plot and the acting is so unbelievable that one can't even start to criticize it. You can maybe have some kind of an idea of what I am talking about from one scene: There is a kid playing on the floor, a woman comes and tells that his mama has just died. The kid is very sad and cries. Another scene happens on the same site after about 10 minutes. The kid is still playing the same way and looking sad. The same woman enters and asks "What is the matter with you?". The kid answers, that he is sad because "nobody wants him"!! They both just forgot that his mother has just died. That fact did not play any role anymore in their life. This movie is so bad it is not even a good bad movie. It is just a "wanna be" big catastrophic movie with a budget of a small home movie and it really looks like one.

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