Operation Dunkirk


Action / History / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 10%
IMDb Rating 1.7 10 655


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andy-miles 1 / 10

Really, really crap film

Extremely poor script, extremely unlikely scenario, "Vot is the Algorithm" features a lot.

Unrealistic representation of the French Resistance.

Only person who knows Vot the Algorithm is happens to be tall, reasonably good looking and female.

Apparently the whole concept of radar depended on Vot the algorithm was.

The Germans are German the French are cowards and the Brits are plucky.

What a load of crap.

Reviewed by timtunley 1 / 10

Worst movie ever

This is without doubt the second worst war film I have ever seen. Why were they dressed as Para when the para's were not yet formed and why were they in the wrong helmets. Script just terrible. Nothing to recommend it all. I would have been better to spend the £7 on cider. My advice if you want a laugh buy this movie.

Reviewed by Sasson Solomon 1 / 10

Absolutely Terrible. Avoid like it's a nasty viral infection.

This is a GREAT comedy film.

A great-great-great COMEDY film.

If you want to laugh out loud, watch this.

People try to make comedy films like this one, and don't succeed!! This one manages to do it without effort! Great-Great comedy film.

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