Scum of the Earth


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cultfilmfan 6 / 10

Scum Of The Earth

Scum Of The Earth, is about a young girl named Kim, who is asked to do portraits for a photographer named Harmon. Kim, finds out how much she will be making and it will be enough to send her to college so she agrees to model for Harmon. Soon Harmon tells her that he wants her to pose topless for the photos and that she will be paid more than double what she was making before. Kim, is scared but agrees to do it. Kim, then releases she doesn't like what she has gotten into and the boss of these photo shoots named Lang, won't let her leave and soon Kim, finds out she is in for a lot of trouble. Scum Of The Earth, is written and directed by cult filmmaker Herschell Gordon Lewis, who is best known for his gory horror films such as Blood Feast (and this film stars a lot of the cast of Blood Feast) but this film is not a horror. It instead is a drama about an illegal pornography ring. I'am a big fan of Herschell Gordon Lewis's low budget B horror films and I like his non horror movies as well. They aren't the best looking or acted films but they are always guaranteed to entertain and Scum Of The Earth does that. The film is compelling and I wanted to see how the story would turn out and the film got more intriguing as it went along. I would've preferred if the film were perhaps a little longer but I did like what I saw and was entertained. Another entertaining B film from the master of gore Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Reviewed by sixtwentysix 7 / 10

"all you kids make me sick! BECAUSE YOUR DIRTY!"

OK, so this is a "roughie" with trash and the tale of a perversion of a dainty young thing just trying to get some money for college. Aw shucks!

Implied slavery, degrading of women, pimps slapping their workers, "filthy" pinup photos sold trunk to dirty old men hand, dirty young men hand and anyone else who was buying "porn" in the age. It reminds you of how porn required so much more work than the modern age. This movie is a slow burn with some GREAT lines that you might find yourself quoting to your friends. I totally recommend getting friends together and drinking, heavily. You might find the start boring, but this has to be watched to it's blistering end. OK, it's not that blistering but it's FUNNY! A perfect picture of just how ridiculous drive in films were back in the day. Good stuff!

Reviewed by Michael O'Keefe 4 / 10

Decent Nudie Without the Nudity

Written and directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis, SCUM OF THE EARTH is evocative of the early 60s "make out" flick featuring semi and full nudity. The acting is atrocious, but you don't watch this for the acting. Trying to earn money for acting lessons in Hollywood, a winsome beauty Kim Sherwood(Vickie Miles)is tricked into a dirty picture racket, when she agrees to take photos for a sleazy photographer(Thomas Sweetwood). After posing topless, Kim is blackmailed into taking more daring shots with a muscle-head named Ajax(Craig Maudslay Jr.), who loves to crack a whip. Before she can escape the whole sordid mess, there is a couple of murders that leads to a suicide. Early exploitation flick that could have been a whole lot scummier. Also in the cast: Sandra Sinclair, Toni Calvert, Mal Arnold and Lawrence J. Aberwood.

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