See You in Valhalla


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 1845


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Sarah Hyland as Johana Burwood
Jake McDorman as Magnus Burwood
Odeya Rush as Ashley Burwood
Steve Howey as Makewi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marceldorenbos 6 / 10

Absolutely NOT a bad movie !!

To be honest..... Not a bad movie at all !! I don't get the bad reviews, because I could actually relate to all of the characters. And yes, because I'm a musician, I've seen them all, and they do exist ! And yes, I've seen families like this and they do exist ! One guy a bit out of it ( not gonna tell you which one..), but it is believable. And, well.... It's a comedy-drama... There is not much action, but it is well paced, with the comedy just let to speak for itself. And the drama did just as much. Not the best movie of all times, but certainly not the worst ! I liked it !

And what's this thing here on IMDb ? With their 10 lines minimum ??? Morons !!

Reviewed by Carlee Smith 6 / 10

Beautiful film about family

First of all quite a cast although there were several members of the cast who I thought would have more imperative roles. A fan of Modern Family I find that Sarah Hyland's performance was very good and believable. I thought this film was a beautiful of a family working through their problems in a time of tragedy with the father trying to get the family back together with all the members pushing themselves away. The issues I have with this film are that there were several aspects that weren't explained. I also felt that there was a certain aspect of Johana's life that didn't get enough closure. However overall it was a beautiful film where the lost members of this family realize what is truly important.

Reviewed by Bjørn Larsen 8 / 10

Don't know why, but I like it.

As soon as I finished the movie, I went in here to see what people was saying about it. The reason for this, was that I really liked this movie and I don't know why. As I read on metacritic, I would agree it has all been seen and done before, but for some reason, this just felt right and believable. Especially one scene which seems to re-live childhood brotherly shenanigans (totally saw my brother and me back then - and some time we still do it ;) )

The viking angle was something I found enjoyable, perhaps because I'm a dane - I don't know. But what he said, could have been said by friend of mine who practice Asa-faith (The believe of the vikings).

To sum it up; Good movie. Been done before but somehow, this one is different.

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