Sex Doll


Action / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by subxerogravity 7 / 10

Wants to be a new generation's Pretty Woman.

Strong beginning but a little formulated, which makes it cheesy.

Sex Doll begins as this look into the life a a hooker. We see her engaging with her clients on a night by night basis as if she was working a "normal job" or something. The filmmakers do a good job of expressing her subtle contempt for the old, fat and ugly businessmen she sleeps with for money. The film also goes through how she balances this profession without her friends, family, and other relationships discovering the truth.

But I guess that's not enough of a story for a movie, so they added a part about her relationship with a new potential boyfriend, who is more than he seems. It's not a bad add to the story, but for me it does cheapen what it seems they had been trying to do for most of the picture, or what I thought they were doing in humanizing a prostitute's life.

But overall Sex Doll is a good movie that tries not to romanticize or demoralize the decision this young woman made, only humanize the young woman.

Reviewed by Schatz87 7 / 10

Romeo and Juliet à la 2016...

but without the gloomy ending of the Shakespeare play. The movie was actually quite a pleasant surprise after I discovered the low rating it had received on IMDb. The dialogue is muted and low-key for the most part, but has a certain touch of authenticity to it. The story follows a number of french-speaking twenty-somethings living in London, with the female lead working secretly as an upscale escort. On a night out with her girlfriend, she meets a tattooed guy that says he might give them a lift home. Later on this strange chap begins to suddenly pop up out of nowhere wherever she finds herself.

The movie is written and directed by the up and coming young French director and actress Sylvie Verheyde.

Reviewed by Edwin 1 / 10

sex doll?

I am looking the suggestive tittle and see a sex doll, looking for some sex or maybe some doll, but nothing no sex no doll nothing..well nothing to do with the tittle, even the girl and the scenes, so boring and looks like a solo monologue, a sleepy movie, does not have any sense at all...waste of time and money, bad movie

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