The Callback Queen


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Eoin Macken as Prince Cal
Max Fowler as Dan Cutter
Sean Cronin as 'Arry
Mark Killeen as Vincent Catalano
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ClaireBlennerhassett 8 / 10

Treat yourself to this little gem.

I haven't enjoyed a film as much as this in a very long while.

Cleverly constructed, cleverly realised, cleverly nuanced, very well cast, acted, directed, and written.

I admit it took me a little while to get in to it, but once I was in, I was totally hooked and completely swept away by the humour in particular, and found myself laughing uncontrollably many, many times.

That's a rarity in this day and age, and it takes a special film to do that.

This film is one such.

It will be well worth your while!

Reviewed by Rodrigo Ternevoy 10 / 10

Amazing film

I went to watch "The Callback Queen" in Dundrum Shopping Centre in Dublin last week and loved every single bit of it.

The story line was really funny and I could see that the audience had a great time watching it.

Amy-Joyce Hastings did a really good playing Kate Loughlin and I also loved Seán T. Ó Meallaigh as Daithí Carroll.

I must say I was very proud to know that Graham Cantwell, an Irish director made the whole film from the scratch. What a good job!!!

I recommend everyone to check it out.

Rodrigo Ternevoy

Reviewed by lccanavan 9 / 10

A Rom Com set in London about about a gorgeous young Irish Actress's trials and tribulations

Graham Cantwell is one of my favourite film makers and I loved his first feature, Anton. Kudos to this Irish Director for very successfully jumping to the entirely different genre of Rom Com with a bang. Amy Joyce-Hastings, as the lead, is very lovable but out of luck when it comes to getting cast; she is no doubt like many young actors in London - struggling to get by while waiting for the next job! The film has an array of brilliant characters and I found myself rooting for all of them. Kate transcends the world of the big budget fantasy franchise, a short student film (which proves a raucous experience!) and some other mad work for survival. The Irish living in England theme is the underbelly of the film and is brilliantly and comically done. Ger Ryan is outstandingly hilarious and true to life as the young Granny to the director of the student short. The film is experiential when it comes to showcasing London. It is aesthetically stunning and full of light and sunshine which makes everything and everyone in it look ethereal! Go see this film or get it on VOD for anyone in the mood for a great Rom Com, an insight into the mad world of casting and film and a homage to London.

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