The Death Wheelers


Adventure / Horror

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George Sanders as Shadwell
Robert Hardy as Chief Inspector Hesseltine
Nicky Henson as Tom Latham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Eileen McHenry 7 / 10

a delightful, kitschy film

This is a movie you cannot watch without smiling due to its many kitschy, laughable elements. The only son of a wealthy old English family of frog-worshippers heads a bike gang called the Living Dead that discovers how to come back from the Great Beyond by wishing really, really hard. Hijinks ensue as the bikers kill themselves one by one and come back, ready to commit better mayhem than they ever could when alive because now they are indestructible. The story features unbelievably short skirts on all the girls; a hippy folk song about the glory of living and dying as a biker; young moms being terrorized by the Living Dead as they push prams in their go-go boots and hot pants; interior decor that inspired the makers of 'Austin Powers;' and arcane frog-worship ceremonies that ultimately lead to the undoing of the gang. Never a dull moment.

Reviewed by keefly 9 / 10

Great Fun - People Are Missing The Point.

This is one of my favourite films ever. As a marker, my top 3 are 2001, Apocalypse Now & American Beauty. I can't believe some of the silly, silly comments about it. It's not a horror, it's not a drama, it's kitsch, it was supposed to be and it is. Some people need to chill out and not take life so seriously.

I love it. Nicky Henson is just great. Beryl Reid & George Sanders & Roy Holder - all great. I saw this film the first time in 1987 on ITV late one night when I was in Sixth Form. It stuck in my mind for 5 years until it was finally repeated in 1992 and that time I made sure I taped it, the copy I still have.

There's no need for me to go into plot as that has been covered, but I do want to underline that this film should be taken light-heartedly! The plot is so funny, and the way it is filmed and acted just underlines it all the way through. Reading some of the reviews puzzles the Hell out of me - along the lines of "I was expecting a scary Hammer-style flick and I got this nonsense". Errr ... how can you bad-mouth a film because it wasn't what you expected? That's irrelevant. Surely you should review it for what it is?

If any of you guys see it in the TV schedules, make sure you watch & laugh! Real good fun, the methods the gang use to top themselves are hilarious and oh, the soundtrack! Enjoy - it's an order.

Reviewed by Chromium_5 9 / 10

The coolest movie I have ever seen--no exaggeration!

I really don't want to say this is my favorite movie, but it sure is tempting. I know full well how cheesy and ridiculous it is... but it's also the most rockin', stylish, all-out groovy flick I have ever seen!

I have no idea why this is classified as a horror movie. As far as I can tell, it's meant to be a comedy. A very, very black comedy. The movie's brilliance is that it takes extremely touchy subjects and turns them into lighthearted jokes. The basic message, as far as I can tell, is that there is nothing wrong with mass suicide, anarchism, or devil worship... in fact, it can even be fun! Now, can they really be SERIOUS about this? I think not. The entire movie is a joke, and a very funny one.

With scenes such as a a biker jumping to his death after telling a cop "I'll be right down!", a biker blasting out of his grave on his motorcycle, a biker coming back from the dead in the morgue and calmly walking out like he just woke up from a nap, etc., all accompanied by some seriously sweet rock music, this is about as cool as it gets. I defy anyone to come up with a more entertaining movie than this.

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