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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stephenabell 2 / 10

Dreadful Unfunny Rubber Monster Movie

As a lover of B-Movie Monster Movies, I really was looking forward to this one as it's set in England in Somerset and stars Andrew Lee Potts, Thomas Turgoose, and Justin Lee Collins.

On paper, this sounds like it would have been brilliant, however, what we get are an unfunny comedy and a rubber crocodile monster movie. In this day and age, we should be able to do better with the special effects. Even if you have to resort to creating an artificial creature, that is pivotal to the plot, at least do it right. The croc looks like it was built out of leftover Wellingtons and if it took a bite out of you all you would do was laugh, as there's no skull and no jawbones... it's all loose and floppy.

There are also some dismembered body parts that also suffer from the no bone syndrome, I've never seen a floppier leg. These atrocious effects are the only thing that's funny in this movie as writers, Michael Anderson and Nick Squire, aren't the best at writing comedy and it really shows in this movie. Apart from the laughable effects, the comedy falls flat on its face - and not in a good way like slapstick.

Michael Anderson who also directed this picture doesn't seem to be able to get the best out of his cast. Potts and Turgoose are very good actors and I would watch anything they are in but this proves that under poor direction even good actors can come off weak and insincere.

If you like comedic monster movies then stay away from this film.

Reviewed by steve-everhard 8 / 10

Brit Schlock Horror

I've read some ridiculous critic reviews comparing this movie unfavourably with Shaun of the Dead, which cost at least five times as much to make and didn't include the added distraction of kids and animals in the cast, for that alone the director should be commended!

This movie isn't intended as serious horror but as a Brit-style humour-fest of ridiculous characters in ridiculous circumstances, plus animals, animatronics and kids. Many seasoned directors wouldn't take on that task with a $1M budget let alone a director in his first feature. The humour will either work for you or not and the acting is certainly better than the first two Harry Potter movies!

The cinematography by Gerry Vasbenter is sumptuous for a low budget movie, with moody shots of the Somerset Levels and some great river scenes. Sound is excellent and Jon Cameron's bouncy score sets expectations early on. Alistair Crocker's sound mix is remarkably good for a movie at this budget level. Michael Anderson's ambition is commendable but the cast is always going to be a compromise at this level.

Highlight of the cast is the lovable Georgia Henshaw who moved effortlessly between fun party girl and truly horrified almost-victim and extremely good value for whatever they paid her for the part. The interplay between Jack McMullen as Russell and Danny Kirrane as Lardy was measured and well delivered by both. I hope we see more of them. Justin Lee Collins was essentially himself but didn't detract too much.

All in all I enjoyed it for what it is - a simple piece of entertainment, not without flaws but remarkable technicals at this budget level.

Reviewed by Leslie-beacham 10 / 10

British killer crocodile movie

I was an extra in this film and have seen it twice at private showings. Firstly, I doubt that an abundance of Oscars will be handed out for the film (although the sound was pretty good). The actors, despite some having a natural Liverpool / Yorkshire / Lancashire accents, could speak fluently in the required English West-Country accent (something I have been trying to do for the last thirty four years)! What is brilliant about the story is that it is out of the ordinary. Having slept mostly through "Turner", wondered how anyone could think up a story such as "Gravity", I have also now become tired of "Game Boy Movies". For those wondering, "Game Boy Movies" are for the lazy game boy player - you don't need to push the buttons as it is done for you on screen. Taking this into account, "The Hatching" is a brilliant release. A "Horror/Comedy", it connects with the ordinary person - you and me in a horror situation and therefore something that everyone can relate to. Although there are a couple of OMG moments in it, the horror is based more or less the same as seen in "Hot Fuzz" (a sort of tongue-in-cheek affair). You can be laughing one minute and jumping out of your seat the next. It is "Shakespearian" in that it has two plots. Filmed on the Somerset Levels just before the floods, it should hopefully help to put that area back on the map again. Originally targeted at the 15 to 25 age group, I have seen it played to an audience of the 55+ brigade and it got a great reception. A low budget film, it was directed by Mike Anderson, a great "people person" who formed a great bond with both actors and crew and deserves huge success for this effort. No doubt, because it is low budget, it will have its critics, but in my view, it is well worth going to see - excellent entertainment.

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