The Institute



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James Franco as Dr. Cairn
Pamela Anderson as Ann Williams
Josh Duhamel as Detective
Eric Roberts as Dr. Torrington
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by luwalther 1 / 10

Is this a joke?

Is this movie for real? Couldn't bear to watch it until the end, that's how boring it is. But what really made me sit down and write this review was not its tedious pace, unoriginal storyline, unconvincing acting or hideous lighting, but the feeling that, at any minute, one of the actors (specially James Franco) might look right into the camera and say something like "are you still watching this?! You've been pranked!". Well, at least that would have been original and more in line with what I would expect from Franco, although I would feel like an idiot. But no. I don't think there must have been any reveal of the sort after I stopped watching. There is no explanation or excuse for how bad this movie is. I would feel even more like an idiot if I went on watching it any further.

Reviewed by paulmalone81 1 / 10

Just bloody awful

This piece of rubbish is absolutely awful from start to finish. I hesitate to even call it a movie. The acting is atrocious,Franco is as bad behind the camera as he is in front of it,and once again Roberts proves he will do anything for a dollar. Seriously people do yourselves a favor and avoid this rubbish at all costs, I hope I have saved some of you from the misery of this tedious piece of crap.

Reviewed by Matthew Jacob De Beer 8 / 10

Patience is rewarded...

The Victorians were renowned for institutionalizing their women for the slightest of reasons. The Victorian male's idea of equality was somewhat lopsided, to say the least. This film starts off as many in this genre, with a young woman going into an institute because of "nerves". Once there, she is subjected to a rather unorthodox treatment, the result of which culminates in far far darker and mysterious consequences.

The acting is good. The plot clever (if a little melodramatic). The characters believable. The film is more creepy than horrific, so no gore here. What it lacks in blood and guts, it makes up for in atmosphere.

I would recommend you NOT watch the trailer, as it does spoil the fun. The idea of the film is to lead you into the horror without you suspecting it. If you want a little something different to the usual stuff being churned out and called "Horror" these days, give this film a viewing. It is really quite enjoyable.

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