The Legend of Ben Hall


Action / Biography / Drama / History / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 56%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kimbo-65145 8 / 10

Move over Ned Kelly!

What a beautifully shot film!! Excellent cinematography, it almost out shone the stars!

After reading copious amounts of Ben Hall literature in my youth this is the best historically accurate telling without adding the usual 'Hollywood' style fluff to pad it out and make a more 'interesting' movie to the detriment of the real tale. It shouldn't, and didn't need it. Well done Mathew and crew!

Jack Martin bought to life the best portrayal of Ben Hall yet, as did the rest of the gang and support cast. Even though Jamie Coffa's John Gilbert, with his 'boyish laugh', was a bit over the top and sometimes annoying, I reckon the real Gilbert probably was too.

The costuming and set detail is one of the best I've seen to recreate an accurate picture of the period. That's something that's usually goes astray. Even right down to the accurate detail of the weaponry used which would have maybe even impressed the late bushranger historian Edgar Penzig. A hard man to please.

The great music score only added the majesty of the scenery and the use of traditional music off the period, always a must, added to the authenticity. The song Ben Hall as the end piece was beautifully haunting. The stunning work of Ross Morgan's portraits during the credits must also get a mention.

The gun battles were excellently and excitingly shot while the last scenes of Ben's demise were very moving to say the least. Those bastard traps!

And the most amazing thing? It was crowd funded and shot on a very limited budget …but you wouldn't know.

This is a mostly forgotten history lesson that needed telling. Move over Ned!

Reviewed by Ca Lee Ssie 10 / 10

Australian icon who's story should be known and this is the way to learn.

From knowing nothing of Ben hall to feeling like I know him and his gang personally. The legend it's self has sparked an interest in truly wanting to discover all about Australian history and the authenticity of this brilliant Aussie film is to be thanked. The director, Matthew Holmes, has thoroughly considered all aspects of history and has chosen the most breathtaking locations. The cinematography was absolutely wonderful and is perfectly matched with a heart wrenching score. The character biography's of all 3 leads is so interesting and is portrayed in such a personal way, that it makes one think about the helpless lifestyles our ancestors have had to endure. You can empathise with the young John Dunn and feel his inner urge to impress his cronies. William Lee's jaw dropping performance allows you to relate and find that place that we all hide in our inner Psyche, where we just wish we were a little bit older, wiser and tougher. The character portrayal of Jack (John) Gilbert makes you just see how common narcissistic tendencies can be seen in every day society. He shows how a demonic personality can entertain and thrill all at the same time. We all know someone just like him and Jamie Coffa portrays that scary class clown like a true star. Ben Hall is the vision of all our worst night mare coming true. Situational desperation which is captured by the lead actor Jack Martin, like it is a real life experience. It is a true Aussie treasure and anyone claiming to be an Australian owes it to them self to learn our history and there is no better way to explore the truth then to watch this breathtakingly awe inspiring film.

Reviewed by brianraespain 3 / 10

Lame and over long

Do not know why this movie has received such highly rated reviews, it must be the directors family !! The movie is so lame, awful script, awful acting and about 45 minutes too long. Gilbert looks like a scarecrow and I dare say that a scarecrow would have played a better part and that stupid false girly laugh !!!!! Very poor all round, lacking in action and what action there was had the police unable to shoot anything but trees (apart from the end which had Hall shot 100 times and he was still standing. All in all a big disappointment, don't waste your time with this one.

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