The Promise


Action / Drama / History

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 95%
IMDb Rating 6 10 156224


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Christian Bale as Chris Myers
Oscar Isaac as Mikael Boghosian
Shohreh Aghdashloo as Marta Boghosian
James Cromwell as Ambassador Morgenthau
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Frank Nacsa 9 / 10

Moving love triangle, leading to Armenian Genocide

Beautifully shot film, with intriguing intertwined love stories. Well balanced between the protagonists narratives and the inevitable lead-in to the Armenian Genocide, showing its impact on a very human level, particularly on the story's leads.

Those who provide a 1 star of 10 clearly are not actually rating the film, but providing political feedback. How many who have rated it as 1 in 10 have actually seen the film? Doubt many have. Some of the rants are a clear attempt at revisionist history to try to rationalize the actions of the Ottomans. Sad part is that there really should be no need for those rating that way to do so, since Turkey (which I know is a denier) is not the same as the Ottoman Empire, and modern Turkey (though less modern under Erdogan), and Turks, should feel no compulsion to try to defend that Empire.

Please use IMDb for the purposes for which it is meant, not to attack for political purposes. It would be fair, for example, only once one sees a film, to criticize it for being too political (though politics are worthy of expression in film), or too one-sided, and explain why, with examples.

Reviewed by jtchagla 10 / 10

Overall great movie

I saw this movie at the Toronto film festival 4 or 5 months ago. It was honestly a very good movie. Christian Bale and Isaac did a good job acting in this movie. As a fellow Armenian, I am also disappointed in all the bad reviews that this movie has received. This movie is right now a 4.1 / 10 when it should really be closer to an 8 or 9 or at least a 7. This movie was rated before it even came out and it is not fair that it doesn't receive a fair rating. Overall this was a good movie. The music was well done by the singer of System of a Down and the director did a good job as well putting everything together. I would recommend seeing this movie for anyone who is out there.

Reviewed by nandorueda 8 / 10

A powerful love story amid the atrocities of war

I had the fortune to attend the World Premiere of The Promise at TIFF and let me tell you, if the sustained standing ovation was a clear sign for the film's reception, then you can imagine how good the film is.

With titles like Hotel Rwanda under his belt, Terry George is one of the few directors with the right sensibilities to handle themes of genocide with the right level of prudence and attention to detail required. With The Promise, he absolutely does not disappoint.

The whole cast is simply wonderful but wow I want to talk about Oscar Isaac. I consider him to be a gift to film. He is perhaps one of the only men in Hollywood who can play "ethnically ambiguous" characters appropriately and gather attention. From what I've heard so far, the Armenian people think he actually seems Armenian. Oscar's charm jumps off the screen once more, but his performance also captures the character's raw suffering. More than once I got chills from the anguish presented, that's how good this guy is.

I am curious to see the degree of backlash this film will receive, given how the government of Turkey has not recognized the genocide; although, I believe Turkish people should give this a chance. It also shows how there were Turkish heroes and victims caught up in the atrocities of war and they are not the real bad guys here: war is.

The Promise may not reach Hotel Rwanda's level of emotional response and the film's length may discourage some, but its historical importance, remarkable performances and beautiful photography make it a title worth watching.

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