The Recall


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
IMDb Rating 5 10 3776


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RJ Mitte as Brendan
Wesley Snipes as The Hunter
Jedidiah Goodacre as Charlie
Graham Shiels as Prisoner Romanovich
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sean-943 1 / 10

Pure junk

Total waste of space, if you look at the reviews on here you can see that they all look the same and giving high marks but most of them have only been members for the las week. Someone is writing this crap on here and trying to nudge this cow pat of a film higher in the ratings. No chance of that if you watch this turd like i did then you are as daft as me.

Reviewed by poppsy69 3 / 10


Don't bother watching. so many errors in continuity and editing. Not to mention terrible acting. Sad to see Wesley in such a C grade film. Will never get that time back...

many fake reviewers pushing up the score here. It is no more than a 3 at best. DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME!

Reviewed by FreqEteQ NZ 4 / 10

Legit review

Time for a review from someone who has been a member of IMDb for longer than a week and has reviewed more than one movie, unlike all of the reviewers so far that have given this movie great reviews on here....

You know, a skeptic might think that some of those reviews could be bogus.....

Anyway, this movie isn't overly terrible and it isn't great, but after watching it I couldn't recommend it to anyone else to watch. It's just forgettable and bland with nothing to make it stand out from every other similar movie in the genre. It's one of those movies that you watch today, it's forgotten by tomorrow and you never think about it ever again.

There IS NO TWIST like some of the reviewers claim there is, and for the ones screaming "Wesley Snipes is back!" yes he is, for a grand total of around 15 minutes in this 90 minute movie. The cgi effects are adequate but don't expect movie quality, they're more in line with something you'd find on a lower tier TV show.

I was disappointed, I watched this for Wesley because I wanted to see Snipes kicking some alien butt, instead all he did for most of his quarter of an hour screen time was either stare creepily at the kids in the cabin or sit down and deliver exposition to them.

Apart from the lack of Snipes 2 things really ruined this movie for me, firstly, the acting was pretty bad by the 5 college aged kids that were the main focus of the film, in fact it was terrible in places, especially from the blonde guy who was the lead. Secondly, none of the kids characters were developed, at all. To put that into context, the female lead character, if you asked me what kind of person she was all I could answer would be that she's normal and has asthma, apart from that she has no personality, and the sad thing is that I know more about her character than I do 3 out of the other 4 because at least I know she has asthma. Just zero character development, I don't know if they're good, bad, brave, shy, dumb, smart, catty, bullies or what, they're just all blank slates who aren't very good at acting, which made it really hard to care about whether they lived or died.

Even though it's not totally terrible I still wouldn't recommend this, even if it's on free TV there are better ways to spend your time, like cleaning the oven or doing your taxes or digging a hole just so you can fill it in again. 4/10

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