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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by racistnproud 1 / 10

Does not even deserve the 4.6 it has on the rating but I cant VOTE LESS THAN ONE

I Don't COMment very often but i thought i could help someone out and Save their precious time. "SHOUTING LOUDLY". "Don't DO IT MAN, Don't WATCH THIS MOVIE". Its just plain lame they try and take a tried and true standard of freddie and Jason and botch i up from the word go. I mean a kid masturbating in the back seat while his friends drive? C'mon on be real. Go ahead and waste your 1.5 hr and watch this stuff and im sure you would agree with good nite and happy watching!! Just like i wasted my time writing this review on this junk board

Reviewed by jtindahouse 6 / 10

One of the strangest films I can recall seeing

You know that feeling when you finish a film and you think to yourself, what the hell did I just watch? There may never be a truer case for thinking that than after 'Tonight She Comes'. This movie is utterly bizarre. In a good way, you ask? That's a tough question to answer. It's a film that is very hard to get your head around how much you actually enjoyed it, because again you aren't entirely sure what you just saw.

What was the object of the film I would ask myself? Was it to be scary? If so, I'd say it was middle of the road. There were some genuinely creepy moments at times, but the overall theme of the movie didn't seem like it was trying to frighten you. There are no jump-scares that I can remember, for example (a good thing). Was it to be gory and gruesome? On that one I think you'd have to issue it a check mark. There are some goings on toward the end of the film that I actually had to turn away from. I'm generally pretty comfortable watching most things you put on screen, but this was tough to sit through. Or finally, was it simply trying to be as bizarre and unique as it possibly could? Again I think you'd have to issue a check mark. This is a film pretty unlike anything else. I can't even think of a film to compare it to.

So even though I didn't exactly enjoy 'Tonight She Comes' overall that much (it certainly had its moments though) I think whichever way you look at it the film pretty much achieved what it set out to, and for that reason should be applauded. It's a tough film to recommend to people (because I honestly have no idea whether they would love it or hate it), but I can say you likely won't be bored by it.

Reviewed by horrorgasm 1 / 10

If you get this in a gas station for 99 cents someday, you still paid too much.

Scene: Naked girl very visibly completely covered in blood awkwardly stumbles up to people at a campfire.

Girl at campfire: "There's something wrong with her."

Guy at campfire: "She's standing right in front of us. Completely nude. There's nothing wrong about this."

That's just a small example of how childishly unpleasant the characters and dialogue are in this movie. These characters go far beyond the usual stereotypes of dumb teenagers in horror movies, to the point where it's not funny, it's just uncomfortable because it legitimately feels like this was written by a 12 year old child shut-in who doesn't know what real people act like.

Some poor dumb kid who thought "Gee whiz, it sure would be cool to make a horror movie where the monster is a nekkid lady!", but didn't consider that movies need things like writers and effects artists and etc., and so just slapped together a movie that's almost entirely dialogue, all of which is excruciatingly bad, and padded it out with a few horribly juvenile gross-out scenes that are entirely lack any humor, and a bunch of cheap jump scares.

If you're going to make a ridiculous gross-out movie, you have to at least bring some funny writing and good effects, because otherwise what do you have? Just another piece of bargain bin trash.

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