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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pronomen-28329 9 / 10

Beautiful soundtrack

I'm a musician, and there is one thing I absolutely HATE: careless, sloppy, unsystematic soundtracks, especially in documentary films. I know that it's hard to discover good music, but: COME ON! If it's true, Traceroute had a *total* budget of $15,000. There are no excuses anymore!

A great soundtrack is more than just a collection of great songs. A great soundtrack pulls a story along while somehow effortlessly blending into the background. The right one can help define a movie; a terrible one can ruin an otherwise decent film.

Traceroute relies heavily on its amazing soundtrack to convey the mood of childhood and rebellion, nostalgia and counter-culture, traveling and arriving. There's a retro-electronic vibe present in most of the tracks, but also classical music, and all-time favorites like Vera Lynn's 'We'll Meet Again.'

I'm glad the track list is here on IMDb. I need it for my own road trips!

Reviewed by Korn87 9 / 10

7000 miles of nerddom

I discovered this documentary through Jason Scott, a digital historian and filmmaker, who is one of the people featured in Traceroute. Jason recommended the film, and now I understand why. It is a dense, colorful and challenging road trip through the history of nerd culture. Our host, artist and self-proclaimed nerd, Johannes Grenzfurthner shares his life, his obsessions and his worldview with us. I have to admit that I never heard of him before watching the film, but now I want to go grab a beer with him. Two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Petra Lumper 9 / 10

A journey into oneself

Most reviewers focus on the bizarre locations and interesting people that Johannes Grenzfurthner, the narrator-protagonist of "Traceroute", meets in his debut as a documentary filmmaker. That's interesting and fun and already way up on the scale, but what I find really outstanding is how he treats himself, as the main subject of the film. You might call it pretentious, but it truly isn't. Johannes is dissecting himself alive, and sometimes it almost hurts to watch. He is, even though he is telling it in an ironic way, very honest about his past, his interests, his politics. I mean, the film starts with his birth and ends with his (staged) *death*, just because he gets into a "nerd fight" about creationism. It's a never-before-seen finale in a "documentary" film, and very spot on. "Traceroute" is a film about accepting yourself, and others -- and this is beautiful.

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