Who's Minding the Store?



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
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Jill St. John as Barbara Tuttle
Jerry Lewis as Norman Phiffier
Agnes Moorehead as Mrs. Phoebe Tuttle
Ray Walston as Mr. Quimby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sonny starr 10 / 10

A Great Film

This is one of the all time comedy greats. Jerry Lewis plays a guy who can do nothing right, (to the extreme). Jerry plays a young man who wants to make something of himself so he can marry the girl of his dreams. Jill St. John is wonderful as the girl of his affection.

I can't say enough about John McGiver. He plays the "milk toast", Mr. Tuttle. I've seen him in a number of fun films and he always gives a strong performance. His wife, who wore the pants, was played by Hollywood legend, Agnes Moorehead. She gave a strong performance in this film. She was simply wonderful. The things she puts Jerry up to are extremely over the top! Very funny.

I was to young to see this film when it came out. However as a child I can remember seeing it on television. I can remember my dad falling out of his chair and rolling on the floor in laughter. I remember joining him on the floor and finding it hard to breath because I was laughing so hard. My mom was hitting the side of her chair and screaming. You can't buy memories like that. I truly believe Jerry Lewis was the best comic of his time. For that matter, Our time.

Jerry Lewis is a true comic who isn't afraid to be the butt of every joke. That's what separates great comics from the rest. People like Jack Benny, Phyllis Diller,George Burns, The Three Stooges and on and on. It wasn't about them, It was about laughter.

If you want to take a break from the stress of life, if just for a moment, and simply enjoy a little nuttiness for the sake of nuttiness, this is the film for you.

Reviewed by H-MAN-3 9 / 10

Very Hilarious!

Everyone talks about Jerry Lewis films such as "The Nutty Professor","The Geisha Boy",and others.But no one hardly talks about "Who's Minding The Store?"which IMHO,is his most underrated movie ever!Jerry is so funny in this film,you would have thought the Three Stooges should have been in it! The other reason I love this film:Francesca Bellini,who plays Shirley the pretty secretary who wears the very tight skirts.Agnes Moorehead & Ray Walston are great in their respective roles as well,but the climax of the movie will have you rolling with laughter!

Reviewed by ShadeGrenade 9 / 10

Clumsy errand boy tries to make good only to make matters worse!

Jerry Lewis made some of his best films with Frank Tashlin, of which this is one. He plays dog walker 'Norman Phiffier', one of nature's dorks, with whom the lovely Barbara Tuttle ( Jill St.John ) is hopelessly besotted. Bab's mother is the fearsomely rich Phoebe Tuttle ( Agnes Moorehead ), owner of Tuttle's world-famous department stores. Not wishing this idiot to become one of her relatives, she arranges for Norman to work in one such store. He is given a succession of dirty, dangerous jobs by manager Mr.Quimby ( Ray Walston ) in the hope that he will quit and leave Barbara alone...

The first twenty or so minutes are virtually laugh-free, but then something marvellous happens. Jerry wanders into an empty office and begins tapping an imaginary typewriter to the sound of Leroy Anderson's 'Typewriter Song'. The idea is not brilliant, but the execution is. Lewis' facial expressions are a joy to behold. From this point on, the film does not put a foot wrong, as with each new job Norman screws up big time. Tashlin's background as a cartoonist is evident in these scenes. When demonstrating a golfing game, Norman sends the ball crashing through the window, beginning a long journey that sends it around the street ( knocking out a traffic cop along the way ) and right back where it started. Working in the shoe department, he tries to fit shoes on a lady wrestler. Thinking he is trying to get fresh with her, she belts him one. He is not totally stupid though - required to paint the ball on the end of a flagpole at the top of the store, he finds a way to do the job without endangering his life. The surreal climax has Norman attempting to deal with an out-of-control vacuum cleaner which is behaving like a '50's sci-fi movie monster.

Despite the slapstick tone, the script manages a neat dig or two at our consumerist society, most notably in the sequence where Norman has to deal with dozens of women out to take advantage of a sale. Its like watching the Sack of Carthage in Technicolour.

Barbara's infatuation with Norman is hard to understand, but then this is a comedy, after all. As ever, Jerry is surrounded by top-notch comic talent, including John McGiver ( as Barbara's Dad ) and the ever-reliable Kathleen Freeman.

This is an engaging, wacky farce, and worth catching for the aforementioned 'typewriter' mime which is comedy gold.

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